Quantum Optics and Statistics

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One of our central concerns is the question of how complex dynamics arises in composite quantum systems, such as the helium atom or bosonic atoms in optical lattices; but also decoherence phenomena are on our agenda - not only because of their relevance to transport properties in ordered and disordered systems, but also because of their impact on quantum entanglement.

Besides this we (at least some of us) are famous movie stars.

New Emmy Noether group headed by Stefan Buhmann starts research at Physics Freiburg
Humboldt Research Award for Rienk van Grondelle, Amsterdam

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Call for Papers: Annalen der Physik, Special Issue on: "Complex Quantum Systems"

Submission deadline: November 3, 2014



Workshop: "Quantum Mechanics Tests in Particle, Atomic, Nuclear and Complex Systems: 50 years after Bell's renowned theorem"

 24. - 28. Februar 2014, Trento (Italy)



Symposium: Characterization and control of complex quantum systems

21. Februar 2014, Spring meeting of the German Physical Society, Berlin



Symposium: Physics for the Energy Turn

17. Februar 2014, Spring meeting of the German Physical Society, Berlin



Compact course: Biology and Quantum Physics

Lecturers: Rienk van Grondelle, Elisabet Romero, Thomas Wellens

Dates: 29. Januar - 1. Februar 2014, Freiburg




Quantum Efficiency Seminar and Colloquium


Location: Lecture Hall 1, Institute of Physics, Hermann-Herder-Str. 3, Freiburg
Further details can be found here