Applied Quantum Field Theory
Quantum Optics and Statistics

Applied Quantum Field Theory


Lecturer: Dr. Robert Bennett, Prof. Dr. Andreas Buchleitner
Time: 2 + 1 st., Do 12-14
Room: SR GMH
Start: 26.10.2017
Tutorial: Fr 14-15, SR WB UG


This course will be a largely self-contained tour through scalar and spinor field theory, ending up at quantum electrodynamics. Emphasis will be placed on real world consequences of the underlying physics, and explicit demonstrations of the mathematical machinery used. Each topic will be attached to specific applications around the themes of vacuum fluctuations and Casimir forces, with relation to open questions in these fields.


  • Units, co-ordinate systems and transformations
  • Klein-Gordon equation (Application: Scalar Casimir force)
  • Dirac equation (Application: Fermionic Casimir forces in the nucleon, atomic fine structure, non-relativistic limit and the emergence of spin, Klein paradox)
  • Quantum electrodynamics (Application: Electromagnetic Casimir force, Van der Waals forces, Cavity QED)
  • Interacting quantum fields (Application: The anomalous magnetic moment of the electron)


Bachelor studies


The main reading material will be the lecture script, available via ILIAS.

Additional background reading:

  • P Milonni, The Quantum Vacuum: An Introduction to Quantum Electrodynamics, Academic Press (Boston)
  • Lawrie I, A Unified Grand Tour of Theoretical Physics, Institute of Physics Publishing (Bristol)